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Tailored Floorplans for Your Lifestyle

Offering a comfortable and enjoyable student living experience, Hawkeye Towers presents a variety of options, including spacious 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

Find the floor plan perfect for you

The Hawkeye Towers is a great place to live. The staff are friendly and patient and care about keeping the place maintained. Rooms are spacious and they even have a workout room and tanning bed. The towers are also a very short walk from campus, which cuts down on driving time from home to school. I highly recommend staying here.


I live here at the towers, and I can honestly say I love it here. The bedrooms are very spacious. I have a queen bed, two dressers, and a fridge in my bedroom! The maintenance is also excellent. Whenever we need something worked on, we put in a maintenance request and it is fixed that day.. free of charge! The towers has it’s own community here. You get to know everyone and it’s nice to see familiar faces everyday. The property manager is also excellent. If there is ever an issue with financials, room mates, or anything.. the property manager gets right on it. I would recommend the Hawkeye Towers over anywhere else!


The Hawkeye towers is a ideally place to live if are attending Hawkeye college because you can roll out of bed 10 mins before class and still make it on time. Lisa and Scott and have done a amazing job managing the property and are constantly looking for ways to make it more of a community feel and are quick to respond to repairs and queries. It can be a noisy place at times at admittedly, but students will be students. Would recommend living here if you need to escape your parents.