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Life at Hawkeye Towers

Hawkeye Towers stands as the ultimate student living community tailored for students of Hawkeye Community College. Nestled just steps away from the campus, it offers a prime location that ensures you're never far from your academic pursuits. Moreover, within minutes, you'll find a wealth of entertainment options, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between your studies and leisure activities. With Hawkeye Towers as your residence, you're not just close to your college; you're also right at the heart of vibrant opportunities and experiences, ensuring that you won't miss out on the rich tapestry of college life.




Volleyball and Basketball Courts

Elevate your living experience by taking full advantage of our basketball and volleyball courts. These on-site amenities offer residents a dynamic blend of active recreation and social interaction. The basketball court provides the perfect platform for honing your shooting skills or challenging friends to a game, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition. On the adjacent volleyball court, you can engage in spirited matches with fellow residents, promoting teamwork and a sense of community. Having these courts at your doorstep means you have the flexibility to stay active, connect with neighbors, and create lasting memories, all within the comfort of your own apartment community.

Study Room

Our dedicated study room is a game-changer for our residents, offering a tranquil and productive space right within the apartment community. The advantage of having this convenient amenity at your fingertips is immeasurable. Whether you’re preparing for exams, working on assignments, or simply need a quiet place to concentrate, the study room is the perfect solution. It’s a valuable resource for academic success, making it easier to manage your college workload while enjoying the convenience of studying steps away from home.

Game Room

Our game room is a fantastic addition to our community, offering residents a place to unwind and enjoy some quality leisure time. Equipped with various gaming options, it provides a great opportunity to socialize and have fun with friends or neighbors. It’s not just about having fun; it’s also about creating a sense of community and relaxation within our living space. It’s an excellent way to balance your academic or work responsibilities with the opportunity for recreation and building connections with fellow residents.

The Hawkeye Towers is a great place to live. The staff are friendly and patient and care about keeping the place maintained. Rooms are spacious and they even have a workout room and tanning bed. The towers are also a very short walk from campus, which cuts down on driving time from home to school. I highly recommend staying here.


I live here at the towers, and I can honestly say I love it here. The bedrooms are very spacious. I have a queen bed, two dressers, and a fridge in my bedroom! The maintenance is also excellent. Whenever we need something worked on, we put in a maintenance request and it is fixed that day.. free of charge! The towers has it’s own community here. You get to know everyone and it’s nice to see familiar faces everyday. The property manager is also excellent. If there is ever an issue with financials, room mates, or anything.. the property manager gets right on it. I would recommend the Hawkeye Towers over anywhere else!


The Hawkeye towers is a ideally place to live if are attending Hawkeye college because you can roll out of bed 10 mins before class and still make it on time. Lisa and Scott and have done a amazing job managing the property and are constantly looking for ways to make it more of a community feel and are quick to respond to repairs and queries. It can be a noisy place at times at admittedly, but students will be students. Would recommend living here if you need to escape your parents.


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